Distortion blog tour and giveaway!


Dear readers,

Distortion, the second book in the Phobos series, has just been published!

To celebrate, the great team at Hot Key Books is organizing a blog tour with sneak picks, extra contents and giveaway galore. A huge thanks to all the bloggers for taking part! 🙏😊🚀

Please make sure to go and check all the blogs:

👨‍🚀 Lauren Reads 

👨‍🚀 Becca Fowell

👩‍🚀 Mike Reads

👨‍🚀 Phoenix Faie  

👨‍🚀 Queen of Geekdom

👨‍🚀 Silvia Reads

👨‍🚀 Tea Party Princess

👨‍🚀 A Cat, A Book, A Cup of Tea

👨‍🚀 A Cascade of Books 

👨‍🚀 Library Looter 

👨‍🚀 Chrikaru Reads

👨‍🚀 Amy Powis

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In addition to the blog tour, I’m thrilled to offer one bundle of Ascension and Distortion to one lucky winner (giveaway open to UK/Ireland).

If you want to participate, it’s very simple:

1) Subscribe to my newsletter in English by clicking HERE, to receive updates about new books, events, giveaways and book signings (if you have already subscribed, just ignore this step 😊)

2) Send an e-mail to the following address before December 9th, with the title "Phobos book 1 and 2 giveaway" => participate@victordixen.com

Good luck all… and see you soon in space!!!

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